Tooltip Upgrades

One of the hopefully helpful UI upgrades coming in the third polish build: tooltip upgrades!

Three specific tooltips have been upgraded for this pending build:

First, ability tooltips now show the range of the ability. (For abilities that radiate or blast out from the user but can’t actually be aimed, it instead shows the area of effect range.) Here’s a few examples. :D

Flame Dart is a straightforward ranged attack that can hit almost anything you can see:

Mending is a heal spell that can be cast on anything you can see, including yourself:

Terrifying Cry can’t actually be aimed, it affects everything in a radius around you. Since this effectively acts as range for such a spell, that is the value used by the range indicator here.

Finally, Bull Rush has both a minimum and maximum range, and this is represented in its indicator as well.


Next up: character tooltips now show HP and SP numerically instead of just using vague language about the character’s relative HP.

This Slime has seen better days. Just like in other HP displays, the HP will be colored appropriately for its value.

Chindi usually spawn with a few bonus MaxHP since they sometimes demand it during negotiations, and like in other displays, you can see this indicated by the different color for MaxHP.

And finally, mousing over stats in a character sheet not only shows the bonus versus an average character of the same level, but also shows the bonus versus the last character of opposite faction you moused over:

Level 1 might be a bit too early for a summoner to take on the likes of Bigfoot… +186% damage, yikes!

Early characters often find Will o’ Wisps to be agile and annoying opponents… but it doesn’t look like Bigfoot would be too impressed.WillOWisp

But with the help of some free levels from the dev cheats, we can at least get Ogun’s Cunning vs. Bigfoot into the green. :D Ogun

Hopefully players will find these changes helpful for having a clearer idea of what their abilities and stats actually do, and make it easier to keep an eye on HP/SP levels (particularly of enemies) during combat. :D

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