Up Next: High Score tracking via server!

Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker vacation is winding down now (not that I’m anywhere near done with the game itself, it’s huge!), so it’s back to work on Demon. :) Next up will be tracking high scores via a server so that people will actually believe me when I tell them a score of 300 is actually rather good. :D

Here’s a screenshot of the game displaying the scoreboard using some obvious junk data… but, it is obvious junk data being loaded up from the server. Most of the early work has unfortunately been a bit more boring and difficult to make exciting to talk about: stuff like writing code to handle problems like losing your internet connection, retrying on a failure if the user wants, interfaces for communicating all that, bleh. Good news is, all that sort of stuff I only have to do once and then it’s there for any other server-based stuff I want to do, like say, perhaps Relic Wraiths. :) (Think typical roguelike ghosts… but for Demon. :D ) Not quite ready for those yet, for now I’m starting simple so I can focus most of my efforts on getting the framework and basics in properly.


Oh, and a shout out and thank you to Keylan (Jason) for helping me with the backend portion of this. Thanks Keylan! :D

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