Up next: Improved consumables

I’m currently working on a fairly major revamp of the consumables in Demon: I’ll be going from 11 items to over 30 in the process, including some rather interesting goodies I don’t want to spoil.

The major goals of the revamp are:

* Standardize items into ‘types’ a bit to help with understanding what items do and how they are used (i.e.: Runes are things you use on enemies, Stones are things you use on single allies, Essences are things you use only on the main character, etc.)
* Add some consumables that, rather than just being ‘save me from bad things’, are exciting treasures that do awesome things, such as permanent stat boosts, extra training points for your favorite allies, etc.

I’m still working on implementing the items, but the art is already complete, so I can share that with you. :)


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