Up Next: Relic Selection

If you’ve read the teeny bit of story information in the manual or gleaned it from in-game descriptions of summoners you encounter, you already know that relics are the devices that allow summoners to be summoners: they grant the ability to control, summon, train, and learn the abilities of the demons encountered in the tower.

However, there are actually many kinds of relics, each with their own properties and traits. Starting with the next major build of Demon, you will have the ability to choose which relic to use when creating characters.

Relic selection will occur before your starting elements and starting ally are chosen. Your choice of relic will determine several things, including:

  • Character sprite, starting stats, and resistances.
  • What elements are available as primaries, and what abilities, resistance changes, and starting stat changes they offer. (The same element may not behave the same on different relics.)
  • What elements are available as secondaries, and what ability and starting stat changes they offer. (Some elements may only be available as secondaries on given relics.)

For the first pass, relics will have significant effects, but still maintain the same basic style of gameplay. Two expansions upon the idea will come in later builds: relics that provide unique bonuses outside of stat, resistance, and ability changes, and relics that fundamentally change basic game rules.

I’ll have more details to share about the first set of relics soon. :) Cheers!

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