Updated Auras and Some Other Goodies

Some more previews. :D (Also: Second Wind was updated to match Inhale: it now removes Charge cooldown too.)

EvilGrin Inhale RelievingAura Reserves

6 responses to “Updated Auras and Some Other Goodies

  1. Reserve CD sounds like a great addition to almost any build with cooldowns. So “time-based” means that it won’t work with soul and miracle CD, but will it work with endurance since while it is a time-based CD as well, it also has a certain requirement. And how are we going to get that ability? Things of “none” type are generally hard to find.

    “Each standard turn” aw, does that mean I can’t abuse it with mobility+swiftness combo and back and forth movement? High speed characters still should remove debuffs slightly faster though, right?

    • Reserve does work with Endure cooldowns. Notably, Reserve cooldown itself uses the same mechanic as Endure cooldown, so the passive basically amounts to “your first time-based each combat is free” unless you can stay at full HP/SP during combat. Notably, Reserve has a cousin called Wellspring that works for Soul and Miracle. :)

      Not sure about where they’ll be found yet. Most likely candidates are uniques, unique modifiers, and heroes though, so you’re probably right about them being tricky to find.

      Each standard turn is a new mechanic: it effectively means every 10 clock ticks (which is how it takes a character with 100% speed to get enough energy to take an action.)

      Unrelated: I upped the cooldown reduction on the two abilities above (and Quiet Prayer, an old cousin of theirs) from 1 to 2.

      • Aww so reserve isn’t going to be as strong as I thought. Still can be good for dropping two Blights or using some nasty glares back to back. Or use Bane with innocence and instantly follow up with Cull. Quiet Prayer buff is also nice (Mantra could use one too).
        Inhale can lead to some funny situations. Just imagine a big tough guy who charges into a pack of demons, shouts on them and then just starts breathing heavily. :D “Just… hold on… you guys, gotta catch… my breath…”

        • Mantra’s already a free action and -2 cooldown. :P That’s pretty good as it is!

          Yeah, Reserve would basically be “Double use of any time-based cooldown” if it wasn’t on the Endure mechanic: that’d be way too good for a single passive. :)

          If the big tough guy is a dragon, Inhale after a charge makes a lot more sense. :) With Inhale’s reduction at -2 turns now, you would be able to use any 4 CD or less Breath weapon (this is many of them) every other turn, Inhaling once in between. :D The more advanced breaths will be limited to every 3rd turn, but you get to do whatever you want for the 2nd in between action for 5 CD breaths. For 6, you’d have to Inhale for both, but not many of those (Mighty Roar is one of them though.)

          • I agree, without endure mechanic reserve CD would be a bit too strong. But is it a bad thing to have a few really good abilities? :P (#FerretGiveOPStuffPls)
            My main problem with Mantra is unreasonably long cantrip CD. Using Mantra makes the most sense with long CD abilities and what do you know, they all cost 25-30 SP. And because of long cantrip CD you can’t take advantage of ritualist or meditate. Maybe it’s just me, but I heavily prefer either passive light/dark CD reduction via martyr (to make it just as good as Mantra you have to get hit 2 times in 4 turns after using a spell with 6 turns CD, very likely scenario) or Draw Wounds+Twilight. And now after the buff even Quiet Prayer looks more viable. So maybe if Mantra had shorter CD it would be more appealing.