Wait, Who Are These Guys?

Though it has single-handedly made Enemy Sense one of the most expensive abilities to implement, I couldn’t stop myself once I thought of this. :D

As previously discussed, Enemy Sense both reveals enemy locations on your map *and* causes an extra encounter to spawn when you finish exploring a level. Neat enough as it stands, but I had the idea of giving these extra encounters a small chance to be special encounters with demons otherwise not “real” enough to appear in the Tower normally. :D

The usual rule for a myth to be included in Demon is fairly simple: it needs to have lore going back at least a century or so, and I must be able to find multiple sources (this to avoid getting tricked by various nonsense like made up myths… well ,more made up than normal anyway :P ) For the Enemy Sense specials… we’ll call the cryptids… I’ve loosened that a bit. :)

So, how many of our new cryptid friends do you recognize? (I’ll give you the spooky kid one: His name is Charlie. :D Sometimes spelled Charly.)

Bigfoot Charlie Chupacabra Drop Bear

3 responses to “Wait, Who Are These Guys?

  1. Clearly Bigfoot, possibly a Chupucabra, and I can only guess that the last one is a Drop Bear!

    • 3 for 3! :D Not bad, especially having to go off my versions of the art. :P

      …unless you also follow me on Twitter where I plopped all 4 of them w/ their character sheets. :P