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    • I’m sneaking in a small number of previews of some of the new Relic Upgrades. It may even end up just being those two and their four higher power cousins.

      You won’t necessarily be able to make full use of them yet (they are at their most interesting when you have both at III, but that’s six upgrades… not currently possible in the current Relic Upgrade system + current starting Relics + current content XP amount), but I think they will serve as an interesting preview at the very least… and they are intended to be useful even if you don’t have both maxed (otherwise, why split them at all.) Still, I suspect the non-maxed uses won’t be the ones folks get the most excited about… experimenting with that will have to wait a little longer than the Matter release.

    • The upgrade revamp (which is going to be the next content push after Matter) will indeed include a Relic that starts with Aux Guard III and Aux Power III…but very, very, very little else. (As in, so little you don’t even have enough starting stable space to field a full party :P )

      I’m including some of the upgrades from the upgrade revamp in the actual Matter release mostly so that people who helped me test still get to see some new stuff (even if I admit it won’t be a whole lot) in the actual release.