Work, Work, Work

Work’s going as planned on the build. :) To bridge the gap until release, here’s a quick peek at the unique modifiers available on the new demons. :D

AmmitModifier AthenaModifier DakshaModifier MothmanModifier SatiModifier ShivaModifier ThorModifier

4 responses to “Work, Work, Work

  1. Wait wait wait, 200% speed!? Also that’s a lot of lvl 40 uniques, is it going to be a choice between some hindu deities?

    • Yes, and yes. :D (Though, I should point out, levels may adjust up to +/-3 still, I’m doing encounter design later in the cycle than usual.)

  2. I WANT the Mothman! Trying to guess his linking requirement here. (Hopefully not a ‘Keep Mothman in sight’ link… which sounds like a very challenging mission…)

    By the way, I’ve been playing this game for a few months, super enjoying it!!