10/6: Options and Warps

New build is up! Check the links to right to grab your preferred flavor of Demon. :)

Major new features in this build:
* An options screen, accessible with the – key, that allow you to tweak various aspects of Demon’s gameplay and interface.
* Most stairs in the Tower are one use only: you cannot go back to previous floors, and side dungeons may only be attempted once.
* Side dungeons now appear much more often. (No new ones added, but you’ll always find the ones that do exist.)
* You can now see a demon’s basic attack ability in its character sheet (use arrow keys to change pages to get to the one it is on.)
* Improved information about demon modifiers when using a Silver or Gold Matrix.
* Improvements to how the player is displayed versus allies on the main map.
* The player is now included in almost all party menus so that hotkeys stay in sync.

Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower. :)

2 responses to “10/6: Options and Warps

  1. Great! Thank you for implementing the changes. I suspended playing Demon waiting for the changes (stairdancing felt like a cheat), now I can resume playing :)

    • Stairdancing had long been a thorn in my side, I’ve never liked it in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, and I didn’t like it in Demon either. I’ll admit I’m a little concerned this particular way of fixing it will prove to be heavyhanded… but if I think of/need a different answer later, I can always change it. :)