11/11: Odds and Ends

Hey folks. :) As I mentioned previously, here is a small update with a few bug fixes and typo corrections. :D Links at the right have already been updated, so go ahead and grab them when you finish your current runs. :D

3 responses to “11/11: Odds and Ends

  1. Thank you for the update! Is there a changelog accessible somewhere? I’m mostly wondering if things I’ve noticed have been fixed or tweaked, and if it would be worthwhile for you if I did a big report on the forum like “Things I’ve noticed in Demon that seem unbalanced or wonky”. I’d love to contribute by providing food for thought, but if there is no intent to make any changes to Demon beyond bug fixes at this juncture, I wouldn’t want to hit you with a wall of text for no reason ^^’

    Anyway, again, thank you for the update, and thank you for all your work!

    • The download zips should include a changelog titled 11_11_2021_UpdateNotes. It looks like it is there, but if somehow I’m seeing it and it isn’t showing up for you, lemme know and I’ll figure out why. :D

      I’ll happily read the wall of text. :) I can’t promise I’ll agree with / fix everything of course, but that was true even before active development ended. Some bugs/issues end up being bad time investments or might involve risking more/worse issues if fixed (particularly if they involve going into larger, older systems I wrote with much less software engineering know-how.)

      The forum’s Feedback section or my email on the landing page are probably the best spots for sending me longer form feedback. Not sure if these comments have any text limits or not.

      • Thanks for the response! I hadn’t thought about looking in the new version’s files. My bad!

        Obviously, I’m not expecting all my feedback to get fixes and tweaks in response! You’re the game’s dev, and you’re free to do what you want with the input you’re given. But if I can help the game being more polished that way, I’ll be glad!

        See you on the forum, then, and thank you again for… well, everything! ^^