Coming Next

Apologies for the slightly long delay on posting a blog update: this is the first week of my new job so my brain’s spending a bit more time on that as I settle in at my new home.

Some quick updates on what’s coming next, in relative order of awesomeness:

1) Another relatively small update which will include a few more non-critical bug fixes, but also the slightly more interesting…

2) …beginnings of an attempt to expand the “command allies” functionality of the game, which will include the ability to cancel previously given orders, as well as a new variant of the “kill command” that leaves out support demons from the order. Only a nibble in terms of gameplay, but much of the work here behind the scenes will be in laying the ground work for future more interesting additions later. But the most exciting change coming up in the build after this bug fix + command expansion one will be…

3) …the long awaited addition of the Matter element! Matter joins Body and Mind as being one of “negative support” elements. With Matter, you will gain access to acid, disintegration, entanglement, blinding, and even petrification-based abilities. As with Body and Mind, there will be hybrid physical attacks and related passives that make use of some of these effects as well. Matter will be fully integrated into the game when released, including new starting options, abilities on existing demons, new demons with Matter abilities, Matter-themed modifiers, and so on. :D

Things will remain a bit slow as I adjust to my new job, but the work continues nonetheless! Thanks for your patience, and good luck in the Tower!

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