3/2: The Word For World Is Trees

It’s finally here. :D The new build (available for download right now at the links over on the right) is out, adding the forest realm of Arcadia as a possible for substitute for Tower: 1 & 1/2.


When Arcadia is in a given game, you will find its portal on Tower: 3 (notably, not Tower:2 where Tower:1 & 1/2 is accessed from.)

This build also has some other good stuff:

  • Slimes are no longer weak to Fire and Electricity.
  • Freybugs are now weak to Light instead of Fire.
  • Modifiers granted to demons now give stats focused more on the role the modifier encourages rather than just the abilities it can grant. (i.e.: Melee modifiers now grant more Agility and Vitality than before, for example)
  • Some small adjustments to Earth Break, Avalanche, and Bloodlust to bring other melee abilities back up to speed. (Yes, this means I nerfed those three things :P Sorry, had to be done! :P )
  • The new demons local to Arcadia can sometimes be found in the Tower itself, as early as Tower:4.
  • Adjusted the AI calculations for stagger/turn acceleration effects.

Enjoy, and as always, good luck in the Tower. :D

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