3/22: Zoomed In

New build is out, download links have been updated. :D Lots of good polishy/balancey bits in this one. Next up, currency. :D A list of the major changes can be found below the screenshot. :)


Some of the bigger things included in the 3/22 build:

  • (Hopefully) cleaned up texture errors that were occurring on a small number of machines.
  • Demons with non-aggressive ability sets are now considerably more reluctant to advance into melee when not under orders to do so.
  • Characters now need considerably less experience to reach 2nd level: this will usually happen mid-way through Tower:1 now. A bit less experience is also needed for 3rd level, this will sometimes happen as early as Tower:2.
  • Several demons have had their resistance tables adjusted, particularly corporeal undead found early in the game. Zombies in particular are very different from before on this point.
  • Some early encounters involving Ukobach, Preta, and Jiang Shi have been adjusted to introduce the concepts of ranged attacks, smite-targeting attacks, and leap attacks a bit more gently.
  • Auto-explore is somewhat more efficient in how it approaches filling out the level map.
  • Four new items can be found in the Tower: the Guardian Gem that briefly provides some protection from attacks for your party, the Magic Map that reveals the structure, portals, and items on a level, the Calm Card that immediately unsummons all of your allies as a free action, and finally, the Zephyr Card that immediately summons one ally at range as a free action.

Plenty of other stuff was added or changed as well, see the change log included with the downloads for more details. :) Enjoy, and good luck in the tower!

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