Next Release Soon, Then, On To Currency

Hey. :) Just a quick update on progress before I dive back into the code. :)

The next build, which is full of previously backlogged tweaks and improvements, should be out early next week. I’ll post more details about what is in with the build release post, but it’s some good stuff I think. :D

The build after that one will be all about adding currency to the game. :) This is kind of a big deal, it’s one of the few remaining major systems Demon has been missing. Adding it is part of a concentrated effort I am undertaking to finally begin to move Demon towards an actual beta. :D

The other major systems that will be following include glyphs, traits, summoner perks, and actual level generation. This isn’t the order I’ll do them, and is not an exhaustive list of all system work mind you, it’s just a list of the missing systems I consider major. :P

However, I still plan to mix in some content builds during the process of implementing these so that old hands have some new things to fight in addition to the new systems to use, so there will be that too. :)

See you again soon for the build release. :)

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