4/12: It Makes The World Go ‘Round

MoneyMakesTheWorldGoRoundIt’s here. :D The long awaited currency build has finally been released!

This of course also includes a scoring version change, so the scoreboard is fresh and empty again. :) Go play and find out how you stack up in the brave new world. :D

The changes are rather extensive, so I won’t go into full details here in the post. So instead, a short summary:

  • You can find currency in the Tower now, known as Credits.
  • Credits can be spent in the Transmutations menu, accessed by pressing ‘t’ or clicking on its hotkey bar button between View Party and View Map.
  • Transmutations replace several previous systems.
  • Copy Ability replaces both training points and automated learning from demon allies.
  • Fuse Demons replaces Silver and Gold Matrix items.
  • Restore Demon replaces Spirit Chimes
  • Various other systems touched by the new system or the older systems replaced have been updated accordingly.

For this build in particular, I am especially interested in any feedback. :) It’s very likely game balance has been significantly impacted by these changes. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I want to know as much as possible about what has changed in that regard, and it is not always easy to see with your own eyes. :D Please feel free to post in the comments of this post, or (even better!) on the forums with what you think of the changes.

Next up: some UI changes I’ve promised a few people. :P Then, back to more exciting things. :) Good luck in the tower!

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