4/15: Discounts!

4/15 build is released. Contains a couple of bug fixes, a change to how Piercing Thrust and Shocking Spear work, and most importantly, a significant discount on the cost of Copy Ability.

Normally, that last one alone would be enough of a balance change to justify changing scoring versions again, but I’m going to pass on that this time. Until currency feels properly balanced, there isn’t much point in changing scoring versions every few days when I make tweaks to it. :P Instead, I’ll just have 4/12/2016 be the “wild wild west” scoring version that had wildly different game parameters under its single banner. :D Once things have settled down on currency, I’ll change scoring versions again.

Granted, I’m not sure how much anyone even worries about the scoreboard, but I wanted to explain anyway. :P Good luck in the tower!

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