Quick Update

Hey everyone. :)

My Dark Souls 3 semi-vacation is almost over: starting tomorrow, I’m back at work. :) Not because I’ve actually beaten that delightfully evil game yet mind you, just don’t want to be away from Demon too long. :D

Next up on the agenda: a build with a few more currency tweaks, then some UI improvements, and bug hunting/fixing. That’s two separate builds btw: I will probably formally “announce” currency to the world after releasing the currency tweaks. (Up until this point, I’ve only posted about it here and RogueBasin so that I’d get enough feedback to tweak it, I wanted to wait for that before unleashing it on everyone else.)

After those builds? I haven’t decided just yet, it will either be additional content, or the next system. :) Tempting to just pick the system, since most players still live in the first 25-33% of the content that already exists, but I like to remember my older fans by giving them new stuff to chew on now up there at the current top of the Tower too. :) Still, I can make better decisions about new content once all the systems are in, soo… yeah, just haven’t decided yet. :)

One response to “Quick Update

  1. If new system is difficulty levels based on currency amount, both new and old players will be happy :)