6/27: Standard Actions hotkey bar and some other usability upgrades

Link to the builds: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-sx_4eW-B5hWnhNZlRPclZLeUU&usp=drive_web

Yes, another UI patch. I know, I know. I want to get back to content too! And, soon enough, I will. :) Anyway, here are the notes. :P

Update Notes, 6/27/2014

- Added a hotkey bar for general summoner abilities.

- Weigh Sin is now smite-targetted, cheaper SP cost, and has a short Light cooldown.
- Dark Omen is now smite-targetted, cheaper SP cost, and has a short Dark cooldown.

- Hotkey buttons that are ‘in use’ now light up (and all others dim)
- Items are now automatically picked up when you enter a cell containing any. This does not take any game time.
- As a result, there is no longer a pickup/get command, so g no longer does anything.
- Portal search is now shift+P instead of ctrl+P.
- Auto-explore now takes you to portals on the level when used after the level is fully explored.
- Added a reminder about how to use portals when you enter a cell containing one.

Bug Fixes
- Auto-explore now finds all items in a level, for real this time.


A screenshot of the new standard action hotkey bar:



And one of a new feature where “in use” hotkey buttons light up and dim the rest:



Dry stuff. :P But, I’m planning to invite more new folks  to play soon, and this sorta thing is kinda important for that. :) Next build (barring any horrible bugs) will be content though. :D

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