6/23 Build: In Game Manual And Some Tweaks

Link to the 6/23 builds: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-sx_4eW-B5hWnhNZlRPclZLeUU&usp=drive_web

Update Notes, 6/23/2014

- Added in-game documentation! Hit ? to check it out!

- Madevra and Zaji’s normal spawn locations have been swapped.
- Cynocephali are now slightly more threatening.
- Herd Humans are now slightly more threatening.

- Fixed a bug that caused the AI to ignore Guilt, Pariah, and Sleep status when choosing targets.
- Made the AI less likely to swap based on moderately low health.
- Made the AI more likely to swap based on critically low health or “disabling” status.

- Added a few helpful messages for input fail cases.
- Added a distance indicator to portal listings.
- Activate Link will now default target demons who object to your party makeup, but are otherwise recruitable.
- Made all Discard menus consistent in appearance.


Not the most exciting of builds for current players, but it’s an important step before opening the gates a bit more. :) Here’s some screens of the new in game manual in action:




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