Ability Spotlight: Miracles!

The new top of the Tower is bringing all sorts interesting abilities into play. Let’s look at four that together should prove interesting: Miracles!

First, the three Miracles themselves. Miracles are rather remarkably powerful abilities, often combining 3 or 4 different effects at once and applying them to all enemies or all allies. However, they use the Miracle cooldown: like the Soul cooldown used by Eternal Glory, Miracle only cools down as you gain experience: gaining 10% of a level decrements a Miracle cooldown by 1. (So, the miracles below recharge after gaining 40% of a level.)

The first Miracles being added are for Light, Healing, and Dark, but this is not to say that all future miracles will be of these types.

Anyway, here are the three initial Miracles:




Also being added is one passive related to their use. A passive that only works with 3 abilities is a dicey proposition, but no denying it has a huge impact:


Channeler helps in two major ways: by reducing the SP cost to 0, it virtually ensures Miracles will be available in a pinch, and halving the cooldown also lets you use them much more often: at a cooldown of 2, you’ll probably be able to use a Miracle every other fight instead of only twice per floor.

You shouldn’t have to look hard to find most of these, should you reach the new floors of the Tower, as three of the four are on the same new non-unique demon! :D


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