Ability Spotlight: Glacial Shell

Lots of new abilities are coming in the next build. While I work on finishing things up, I thought it’d be nice to do a few previews of some of my favorites. First up: Glacial Shell!


Already we see something new: a 100% reliable Block!


Of course, similar to Lucky Dodge, it has a cooldown that will trigger when it used. (Also like Lucky Dodge, the cooldown will only trigger if Glacial Shell was required for the Block. If you had other ways of blocking the attack, they may trigger first, sparing your sure-thing block for a later attack.)

But… there is more to see here still. The Cold cooldown is in most respects a normal time-based cooldown. However, if you use Ice abilities…


…the cooldown decreases by 1, immediately! This works even with free actions like Flash Freeze here. Which means, if you have a free action Ice ability and a normal Ice ability to use, like Chilling Touch there in slot 1…


…you can use 2 Ice abilities in one round, rapidly bringing your Cold-cooldown ability back into play.

You won’t have to get far into the game to incorporate Glacial Shell into builds: one of the new lower Tower demons, the Alma, possess knowledge of it. :D (Funny enough, they also know Flash Freeze…)

I’ll try to post a few more of these before release to preview more of the new abilities you’ll be seeing in game soon. Cheers!

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