Also Coming Soon(ish): Interactables

Also coming up in the next build is a new concept for Demon: Interactables!

Interactable are objects in the dungeon that can the player can find and choose to interact with to produce various effects.

Interactables are fully integrated into existing systems, such as auto mapping and auto explore. For example maps will mark them as Points of Interest and show them in purple:

The first Interactable to be added? Searchable corpses!

The most common result of searching a corpse is finding an item you can lay claim to:

But it is also possible you manage to extract an ability from the corpse’s damaged Relic. This result has two flavors: the more common flavor picks the ability by randomly selecting a demon that can spawn on that level and then picking one of its abilities at random. The rarer and more exciting finds come from the second flavor, which picks the ability by randomly selecting a *modifier* that can appear on that level and then picking one of those abilities. This can potentially lead to finding very esoteric abilities relatively early on!

Of course, a damaged Relic is nothing to trifle with… they seem to have a habit of responding to close contact with other summoners by releasing all their remaining demons at once! This result too, has two flavors: the more common result is an encounter with a typical number of demons. More rarely, a larger number of demons will appear, but with all of them (even Mind-resistant/immunes) put to Sleep for a longer than usual (but not infinite) duration. It is also worth noting that these demons are not drawn from the encounter tables, but are rather treated like enemy summoner designed groups (since, hypothetically, that’s what they were at one point!): thus, you may see demons together that normally do not appear in a group alongside each other.

And of course, the most terrifying result possible when dealing with a corpse… the creation of a Relic Wraith!

Interactables is a system that will be expanded upon in future builds to include other types of objects; everything from simple doors and treasure boxes to ritual circles, sacrificial altars, and other even stranger things. :)

There’s still a ways to go on this next build, but we’re getting there, I promise. :) Until then, good luck in the Tower!

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