More Demon Fan Art

Grace has created another awesome piece of fan art for Demon. :D This one is of a Chindi, a type of ghost some Navajo religious beliefs will haunt the possessions and dwellings of the recently deceased. If these things are not abandoned, the Chindi will haunt those who claim them, sapping their health and eventually killing them if the objects are not discarded.


11/3: It’s Important To Have Character

Whew. :D At long last, the build with Geminimax’s new character sprites and improved negotiation mechanics is released. :D Go grab your favorite flavors from the download links on the right-hand side of the page.

I hope everyone is as excited about this build, particularly the new character sprites, as I am. :) I’ve been playing and testing with them for a few weeks now, and I couldn’t be happier with how they’ve turned out. :)

If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a few screenshots… but what are you waiting for? Go play! Also, if you want to check out more of Geminimax’s excellent artwork, visit his DeviantArt page at

Enjoy, and as always, good luck in the Tower!

FullSizeScreenshot_1 FullSizeScreenshot_4 FullSizeScreenshot_5

New Character Sprites by Geminimax

Well, tonight’s the night. :) Time to reveal what’s been mostly secretly in the works for the past two months!

Back in August, one of Demon’s earliest fans, geminimax, contacted me and volunteered to do a set of character sprites for Demon. I could see from his DeviantArt page ( that he was quite talented, so I was happy to agree.  :)

Over the past couple of months, geminimax has been hard at work on the new sprites, and now at last, we’re almost at the point where they will be in a build and ready for everyone to enjoy. :D Until then, here are a few screenshots showing off some of the new character art. I hope everyone else loves the new art as much as I do. Cheers. :D

And, just to repeat: These will be in the next build released, and it will be quite soon! The negotiation stuff isn’t quite done yet, but I want to get these out ASAP! :)

NewRelicArtSmall NewStartingAllyArtSmallTower1SmallTower3SmallTower4SmallTower5Small