Hopping Mad

Zyalin posted another awesome piece of Demon fan art for me to share. This one depicts Jiang Shi, a Chinese vampire known for using hopping as its main form of locomotion. :D The paper talisman attached to its face is a component of the ritual that creates the Jiang Shi.

Thanks Zyalin! :)


Rushing Headless Into Danger

While we wait for me to finish the next Brand Test Build, which will include several bug fixes and quality of life improvements, here’s another piece of awesome art by Zyalin, this piece depicting how it might look if you teach Headless how to Polar Rush. :D

If you want to see more of Zyalin’s awesome art, check out his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zyalin_art/

Thanks again Zyalin!


The Pug-mancer

Here’s another piece of great Demon art from Zyalin, this time based on a run of wizzzargh’s in which he decided to recruit lots of Freybugs. :D As I mentioned in the comments of one of the other pieces, I almost wish Demon had long enough load times to need loading screens. :P

Thanks again Zyalin!


More Demon Fan Art

Grace has created another awesome piece of fan art for Demon. :D This one is of a Chindi, a type of ghost some Navajo religious beliefs will haunt the possessions and dwellings of the recently deceased. If these things are not abandoned, the Chindi will haunt those who claim them, sapping their health and eventually killing them if the objects are not discarded.