Ch-ch-ch-changes (To Some Demons)

Speaking of demons that got new/changed abilities…

ChachapumaChanges EstasChanges PhoenixChanges UnicornChanges

4 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes (To Some Demons)

  1. A bit worried about AI’s potential misuse of Panacea. Hopefully it won’t spam it to remove 1-2 insignificant debuffs, otherwise it’s a great ability. Buff to Chachapumas, exactly what we needed. Now you just need to give Execute to Onies and barely anyone will be able to win ever again. :D

    • The AI tends to assume if it has an ability, you want it to use it. :D The SP cost on Panacea (30, without Lifegiver’s reduction) will hurt its AI evaluations a bit though, so there is some nod to your concern.

      I’d always wanted Chachapumas to have an ability that reflected their terrifying aspect (lion-like face, carrying around a severed head as a totem), but there wasn’t an appropriate one before now. :D

      Luckily, Execute is a Slash ability, which isn’t really appropriate for the Tower’s mace-wielding Oni, so you don’t have to worry about that. :D