Ch-ch-ch-changes (To Some Starting Builds)

Here’s a few previews of the new/changed starting options coming in the next build. I realize any time I change these someone will probably be grumpy…

…but on the other hand, 1) I’m planning on nerfing starting builds as a whole Really Soon (will be the same build that revamps Relic Upgrades), 2) This is the easiest way to make sure people get to try out the new ability types, since there aren’t any new demons using them and most will otherwise be limited to modifiers and a few changed demons, and 3) Demon’s still in alpha :P

NewStarts1 NewStarts2 NewStarts3 NewStarts4

2 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes (To Some Starting Builds)

  1. Wow, Execute from the start, for some reason I thought it would be only in tier 3 but apparently not. Sadly mask cant take frigid squall and blight at the same time, that combo would make the most sense. Nothing new for the Heart? Surely it could use one of those light nukes from the start.

    • Execute is powerful, but only under a condition that by definition you meet once per target (barring things like Diehard.) The rest of the time, it’s an expensive 70 Power hit.

      Oddly enough, Heart kinda got caught out on the new Light nukes. They either use Agility (which is something Heart strictly avoids), or they’re just too nice to give away even in the current overpowered starting builds. :P

      Frigid Squall + Blight would almost make too much sense for a start. :) Blight farmers would be better advised to stick to Debuff for a primary (Weaken Host gives you an AE with an 85% chance to apply, after all.) Frigid Squall in this case gives you an option for a very easy to apply debuff that will hinder enemy groups… not severely, but hey, you got it for free, turn wise. :D