Coming Up on the Next Build

Hey everyone. :) Getting very close to being done with the next build, so I thought I’d share a bit more about what to expect. :D

The next build’s been focused on two sets of improvements: putting in and testing out Geminimax’s awesome character sprites, and improving the negotiation mechanic considerably. This post is going to focus on the negotiation goodies. :)

Previously, I’d mentioned that the negotiation interface had received a few UI improvements: an approval indicator and mouse support chief among them. So now, let’s talk about the new content that was added. :) With the help of a special Goblin and a special Slime (i.e.: Just because Goblins and Slimes ask for this stuff here doesn’t mean they will in the build :P ), here’s a set screenshots of the some of new demands that you might see during a negotiation. :D

DamageApologyDemand DeathApologyDemand DiscardAbilityDemand DiscardAllyDemand TeachAbilityDemand UnsummonDemand

The goals of the new demand types are:
* To give demons a bit more personality and variance in the sort of things they ask for.
* Bring back the feeling of mutual dislike some demons have for each other, but in a fuzzy fashion rather than the absolute “cannot recruit X while you have Y” method used long ago. (This is reflected in the ‘get rid of X ability/demon’ demands: refusing these demands doesn’t necessarily auto-fail, but having them in the deck and not being willing to give up what’s asked will make negotiations trickier.)
* To add some ‘awareness’ of recent events into negotiation (ex: the ones where the Slime is upset you damaged it, or where the Goblin is annoyed you killed one of its friends)
* To add in more demands that ask the player to take on tactical risks, rather than just hand over items and resources (ex: the “unsummon allies” demand)

In honesty I… may have spent a little longer on this than I should have, since negotiation is all in all a relatively minor part of the game. But, on the other hand, capture mechanics are one of Demon’s major unique draws, so it may still have been good investment. :D We’ll see what you all think soon. :)

Next up in the build following this: a similar (and hopefully much quicker per mechanic) review of the other capture mechanics. Most especially up for review here is the “slay (large) X in (large) Y turns” capture type: these will be getting upgraded to allow them to change floors with you, and I will also be adding ways to detect enemy locations (whether or not this is tied to the capture mechanic or something else I haven’t decided yet.)

The next build should enter testing soon: the wait for the new sprites and negotiation goodies is almost over. Until then, good luck in the tower. :D

2 responses to “Coming Up on the Next Build

  1. I’m actually surprised you could make such awesome changes in such a short time! I think all this time you spent in the capture mechanics is definitely worth it, as like you said, it’s one of Demon major draws.

    • Thanks. :D I think I should be able to tie a bow on this and get it out the door by sometime next week. :D I can’t wait to see the reactions to your new sprites. :)