New Character Sprites by Geminimax

Well, tonight’s the night. :) Time to reveal what’s been mostly secretly in the works for the past two months!

Back in August, one of Demon’s earliest fans, geminimax, contacted me and volunteered to do a set of character sprites for Demon. I could see from his DeviantArt page ( that he was quite talented, so I was happy to agree.  :)

Over the past couple of months, geminimax has been hard at work on the new sprites, and now at last, we’re almost at the point where they will be in a build and ready for everyone to enjoy. :D Until then, here are a few screenshots showing off some of the new character art. I hope everyone else loves the new art as much as I do. Cheers. :D

And, just to repeat: These will be in the next build released, and it will be quite soon! The negotiation stuff isn’t quite done yet, but I want to get these out ASAP! :)

NewRelicArtSmall NewStartingAllyArtSmallTower1SmallTower3SmallTower4SmallTower5Small

8 responses to “New Character Sprites by Geminimax

  1. Could you add an option to use the old sprites please? I loved the old sprites!

    Also, if you could implement some kind of option for wait+explore speed, that would be great.

    • Yeah, there will be an option for switching back to the old sprites if you prefer them.

      As far as wait+explore speed, do you mean you want to be able to slow them down? They currently go as quickly as possible, but I could optionally throttle them if that’s something you want.

      • I’ve noticed they start slow and speed up the longer you wait/explore – maybe this is something to do with my computer?

        • Hmm… could be? I do know they are slow initially if the party has any active effects or (in the case of resting) if it has any auto healing behavior to throw through the AI. They also would speed up a bit as you go through the level (less enemies to do pathing for each auto turn)

          So, just to clarify what you wanted: do you want an option to slow them down, or should I be looking for a bug to fix to speed them up? :D

          (Also, FYI, this will be build after next either way. This negotiation+sprite build’s already drug on a bit more than I like.)

          • Speed them up, please! Thanks for responding to my feedback by the way. You’ve made a brilliant game!

          • (We seem to have hit the limit for nested replies, so I’m just replying to the deepest one it’ll let me. :D )

            Alright, I’ll do a bit of digging during the next build cycle and see if I can find a way to speed these explore/rest type things up. It’s going to come down to whether or not I can find a bug though probably: Demon’s AI and pathing are already about as opimizied as I know how to make ‘em (I knew they’d be a risk for the project with all the group combat going on), so unless I’ve just bungled something and haven’t caught it, there may be a short limit on what I can do here.

            No problem re: responding to feedback. :D Indeed, I thank you for leaving it for me to respond to: it helps me make the game even better. :) I’m glad you’re having a good time. :D

  2. I like the new sprites, more stylized look. Wouldn’t mind some splash art, like Stone Soup does, too.

    • Whoops. :D Missed you down here, nested replies threw me off. :(

      I’m glad you like the new sprites. :) As for splash art, it’d definitely be nice. Maybe we’ll get a volunteer for that too at some point (It took me this long just to get decent at 32×32, no way I would be of any use on bigger images myself unfortunately.)