Cooler Cooldowns

For my first balance pass on cooldowns, I’ve evaluated all Light, Dark, Presence, and Breath cooldowns and given those abilities an SP cost reduction and cooldown reduction, based on their previous cooldown. My hope is that many of these will be much more useful now (for example, Breath attacks now are all 3-4 cooldown with only 10 SP cost, making it feasible for melees who don’t typically spend much SP to use them at full or near full power multiple times in a fight.)

Next up will be a separate pass on the “conditional” Light and Dark spells (Goad, Humble, etc.) to re-evaluate the “credit” they are given for their conditions and adjust them based on that. As before, the additional “credit” could take many forms: increased Power, further reduced SP/cooldowns, etc.

Though, I am starting to think holy-themed demon groups are going to be nasty after this…

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