Testing Time

Hey, just a quick update. :) The main thing left now is doing some testing before the release to make sure I didn’t break anything worse than the things I was trying to improve. :D With the somewhat extensive changes, I admit I expect I’ll probably need to do some follow-up tweaks sometime after release, but I want to try and catch any major issues myself. Not quite ready to give an exact date for the build release, but it will be before Christmas for sure. Cheers!

One response to “Testing Time

  1. Incidentally, I forgot to mention: the result of the “conditional” Light/Dark ability review was most of them gaining +15 Power. A few (especially those that didn’t gain Power) also had their cooldowns and SP costs reduced a bit.

    These changes were on top of the cooldown/SP reductions already applied from the general Light and Dark review, so many of these abilities are significantly improved from their previous forms.