Culler, Destroyer, Eliminator.

A new element means new modifiers. :D Matter’s Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 modifiers are Culler, Destroyer, and Eliminator, in reference to Matter’s various nasty ways (acid, disintegration, petrification, etc.) of getting rid of problems.

Culler1 Culler2 Destroyer1 Destroyer2 Eliminator1Eliminator2

Of course, there are some changes to other modifiers as well: many of the physical modifiers gained some new passives and attacks related to dealing out or removing Matter status effects, the Healing modifiers gained the access to the new Matter effect removal abilities, and many of the unique modifiers had some Matter-related abilities added as well, including Kamapua’a, Python, Anzu, Friar Rush, Headless, and others as well. :D

2 responses to “Culler, Destroyer, Eliminator.

  1. Missed opportunity to name one modifier “Liquidator” because, you know, acid :D .
    No bonus agility from those hmm, but plenty Matter attacks seem to use it – darts, touches, disintegration beams. Well I guess matter status effects compensate for that.

    • Bonuses have to meet a certain threshold in order to get mentioned in the tooltip. :) For example, Fiery, Charged, etc. have small Agility bonuses, they just don’t rate mention in the tooltip (+25 growth vs. +70 growth for Magic, which they actually list in the tooltip.)

      I’d be more exact in the tooltips, but the effect of changing growth rates depends significantly on what the target demon’s growth rates are to begin with.

      But yes, given three of Matter’s four status effects greatly impair evasion, they should be okay either way. :D