So Where Are We At, Anyway?

As previously mentioned in the last post, I just finished implementing the abilities for the Matter build.

Fair question you might be wondering: what all is left to do before I can release it (or at least, release the preview/test build)?

Here’s the major ticket items:

1)  My versions of the character sprites. (Probably the biggest chunk left, but I’ve done some already at least.)
2) Creating new modifiers, updating existing modifiers.
3) Updating character creation (adding Matter options, resistances/weaknesses when appropriate)
4) Capture mechanics for the new demons
5) Placing all the new demons into encounter charts
6) Sanctums for the new uniques, when appropriate
7) Deciding which bugs on the bug list I want to address before release, and addressing them

The good news is that *most* of these are relatively small tasks. 1 and 7 are probably the biggest ones left.

The better news is that I will be able to release a preview/test build once 1-6 are complete. 7 will be what I work on while people are playing that and sending feedback and bug reports. :D

Still going to have to avoid an ETA for now, but we’re closing in on the end. After the Matter build is out of the way, I’ll write up another post about how I’m going to approach things going forward in hopes of avoiding any more 5-6 month build cycles while at my current somewhat intense job.

Thank you for your patience everyone, I hope to reward it with something more than words and pictures soon. :D

2 responses to “So Where Are We At, Anyway?

  1. Hey.

    I’ve just stumbled on your game. It’s really facinating. Thank you and best of luck with development.