Fun With Acids 2

Something else Acid attacks and the Melting are good for: Vapor passives!


Vapor passives resemble the various passives that add status effects to Slash, Impact, and Pierce, but with some key differences:

1) They only trigger off abilities that have a chance to apply Melting, rather than all Matter abilities. Acid Dart will apply Vapor effects, Disintegrate won’t.
2) While the main ability needs to hit (and the target not be immune: this is a change from earlier design notes I released) in order for a Vapor to have a chance to trigger, Melting does *not* need to be applied: it just needs to have had a chance to be applied.
3) Vapor passives usually have rather high success rates… but their effects only last a small fraction of the usual duration for the effect in question.

Interestingly, while this may seem like a mechanic only of interest to Magic-heavy characters since Matter itself is a Magic element in terms of how it deals damage, this is not necessarily the case…


… with the Acidic passive, any Slash, Impact, or Pierce attack can begin to use Vapor effects as well, allowing for horrors like being hit with Poison++ in a single attack if you combine Toxic Vapor and Venomous.

And yes, there is also an Acidic Veil. :)

2 responses to “Fun With Acids 2

  1. Oh, hey, this is similar to what i head in mind in that other topic, you can use Matter to synergize with other elements, cool. So you can use acid abilities to deal Matter damage, but help you trigger things like Pyre Rite