Acids, And The Demons Who Love Them

And now, a few examples of some old and new demons who use Acid attacks. :D





3 responses to “Acids, And The Demons Who Love Them

  1. Hey, those birds had more weaknesses to physical damage before. Their skill set is pretty juicy though. Thankfully, they will most likely appear only after Anomaly, so probably won’t pose much of a threat to overleveled players.
    Is there any hope that we can get to play on that update this year?

  2. All I want for christmas is the matter build

    Though I’m sure christmas will halt development, so I added a few other options for in my letter to Santa

  3. Yeah, things go through re-balancing pretty constantly as I’m working on things. :D Some of the other preview demons have had their resistances tweaked a bit too. :)

    I wouldn’t count on not seeing these critters until after Anomaly though: they’re low enough level to qualify for a rare encounter in Arcadia, and they’re from Greek mythology, so they fit the theme. :D

    I’d love to promise a date for this build, but I’m strictly avoiding that: while I’m employed full-time, m free time / energy when I’m home is too inconsistent.

    That said… Christmas is actually when development will speed up. :) I have over two weeks off. :D I will probably take a bit of the time to actually relax, but I definitely look forward to knocking out a huge chunk of Demon work. :) I still won’t promise a release date, but nonetheless I expect very significant progress to happen during the break.