Hamster-Style Development


When I was a kid, I had a pet hamster that used to run in a very odd fashion. It would dash forward several steps quickly, then stop and wait for a few seconds before dashing several more steps. It’d wait again, dash again, etc.

Funny enough, my approach to game development is somewhat like that too. :P

Demon’s had a couple of big changes recently: the addition of currency and the systems that use it, and the shiny new relic upgrades. Think of those as one of the dashes. :D

Now it’s time for a period of consolidation and polish: look at what’s working with the new systems (and what isn’t), tweak things here, polish things there, add some content over here perhaps. Think of this as one of the waiting periods.

For the next period of development, the focus will be on:

  • Tweaking the balance of the currency systems, mostly in the direction of making things a bit cheaper.
  • Tweaking the balance of relic upgrades too, this will probably be a bit more extreme/varied than the currency tweaks since this system is newer and hasn’t really had a second pass yet.
  • Some new content (whether this will be in the existing 20 floors, or will consist of new floors, or both is undecided)
  • General polish and quality of life improvements (ugh, UI work.)

I’ll have some more details about what’ll be in the first polish phase build soonish, so stay tuned. :)

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