Head Down: ARRP 2016 Incoming!

The 2016 Annual Roguelike Release Party is just around the corner: this coming weekend, in fact!

Though it will mean I need to push a bit faster than I’d planned, I hope to release the next build, including all the new demons, abilities, sanctums, and balance changes that have been discussed recently, on 9/18, the second day of the ARRP 2016. :D

I’m going into head down mode for this though: I probably will not be as active on the forums other than peeking in to make sure no bug reports are filed that need to be addressed. Please accept my apologies if I don’t respond with my usual speed and length this week. :D

It’s going to be tight, but with any luck, an awesome new build will be ready for ARRP 2016. :) There will be a fair number of other roguelikes releasing during it as well, you can get the lowdown on the full list here: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=2016_ARRP

Wish me luck, and see you in a new, more dangerous Tower soon! :D Cheers!

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