New Kids On The Block

As promised, let’s take a peek at some of the new demons that’ll be showing up in the next build! These are only half of the new demons being added: I want to keep some as surprises. :) The sprites shown for each are the versions done by Geminimax. :D Thanks Geminimax! :D

Aitvaras: A demon of Lithuania appearing as a black rooster or a small, black dragon, but in either case with a tail like a shooting star. Similar to some other mythical creatures, they take up residence in the homes of humans and then, in exchange for minor payment (in the case of the Aitvaras, omelettes!), they provide various benefits to the household. The Aitvaras brings wealth to the house of its master… but there are a couple of unusual catches. One is that the wealth it brings is actually being stolen from neighboring homes… the other is that (depending on which version of the myth you ask), the Aitvaras will either eventually steal the soul of its owner, or said owner had to give up their soul to acquire it in the first place. In game, these will be a new Dark ability using demon to provide more access to the new Dark abilities added in the previous build, and will usually be encountered in the mid levels of the Tower.

Ala: A witch or demon known in Serbian mythology. Ala can take many forms, but one of their most striking is that of a very large-mouthed humanoid. They are no less horrible than this particular form suggests: they control the forces of nature and wield them to destructive effect against the croplands of humans, and will eat children if they get the opportunity. Indeed, some myths even suggest that eclipses are caused by their attempts to devour these celestial bodies! In game, they wield some new Electricity abilities, as well as a life-draining touch. They will take residence in the mid levels of the Tower as well

Baphomet (Unique!): An entity of a rather complicated history, to say the least. Depending on what you believe of its past, it was either worshiped in secret by various groups, such as the Knights Templar, or was a construct invented to discredit and ruin such organizations. More recently, it has been associated with mysticism and Satanism. Its purpose in the Tower is unclear, but those who can reach the upper floors might encounter it either wandering about, or in its Sanctum… If you are forced to fight, beware: it wields a powerful combination of Dark and Fire abilities, including one particular Fire ability unseen before within the Tower.

Civatateo: A vampire of Aztec origin, created when a noble woman dies during childbirth. To the Aztecs, childbirth was considered a form of combat, and thus to die in childbirth was a high honor, equivalent to dying in battle. As a result, though these creatures are child-eating monsters, they are also blessed by their gods, and wield the powers of priestesses. Befitting this unusual nature, they wield an odd but effective combination of Light and Body magic, but only summoners who can reach the heights of the Tower will ever need fear running across them.

Tuofei: A Chinese beast, active during the winter. It appears as an owl with a human face, and only one leg. Its skin can be worn to give protection from the elements. That’s… actually about as far as the information I have goes on these critters, but this is instructive, because myths such as this one (vague and scanty on details) are useful when I need to fill specific gaps: in this case, I needed a new Ice demon that was specifically suited to some new Ice abilities I had designed. :D One like this, with clear connections to winter/ice but without specific details about its powers, was perfect for that role. Tuofei can be encountered in the lower half of the Tower, but closer to the middle than to the bottom.

And finally, as a special bonus, the ability icons for all the new abilities being added in this build. 4 of them are blanked out for… reasons. :D


I hope to get this build out pretty soon now, but as usual with content builds I got a little overzealous. :) Take care, and good luck in the Tower. :D

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