Hold On Tight

The last new status effect being added for the Matter build is “Held”.

Held shares similarities with both Chill and Poison: like Chill, it reduces accuracy, evasion, and movement speed. Like Poison, it can stack up to three times, with the effects getting more severe each stack:




Notably, as shown above, Held++ completely prevents movement of any kind (except of course, for abilities like Short Jaunt or items like Wind Card, which specifically call themselves out as not counting as movement.)

Additionally, there is another new mechanic used by many demons with Held abilities:


That’s right: “Pull” abilities now exist in Demon! Yank (and its stronger, longer ranged, later Tower cousin, Snatch) allow you to pull a target adjacent to you while also automatically inflicting Held. These abilities are commonly employed by slower moving, plant-like demons who otherwise might have trouble pursuing their enemies.

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