That’s How The Demon Crumbles

As bad as being turned to Stone is by default, it can get even worse, as a couple of Gandayah learn the hard way…



In addition to the horrifyingly high Power instant-death-to-Stone-targets causing Crumble and Shatter, there are also the disintegration beams, which deal double damage to Stone targets, and a few melee attacks that exploit the status effect as well.

(An astute observer will note the Gandayah did not seem to be weak to Shatter. :P Let’s just say that particular feature of Stone didn’t survive very long. :D Stone now only removes resistances/immunities if present, and doesn’t create any weaknesses. Also, (and this isn’t new) only some resistances/immunities are affected: Body, Mind, Light, and Dark are left unchanged.)

2 responses to “That’s How The Demon Crumbles

  1. >260 Power
    >no cooldown
    Oh boy, this is gonna be bad. Such abilities are limited to tier 3, right?


    That said, this is nice, and I can’t wait to try out this new stoner build.

    • 260, but it is attenuated, so it’s somewhat less impressive on targets further away from you. :D (Granted, agility won’t help defend against it like it usually would for attenuated attacks since statues aren’t so good at moving.)

      Petrify itself will be a Tier 2 thing, so Shatter/Crumble won’t be earlier than that. I don’t know that they’d wait until Tier 3 though. :D