mumble mutter UI mutter mumble

Nothing too exciting in these, but I wanted to show what I’ve been making progress on recently. :) New features mean new UI, and usually lots of it. :P

In addition to UI, I’ve also gotten most of the saving/loading related to Brands working, but that’s a bit difficult to show with screenshots. :)



2 responses to “mumble mutter UI mutter mumble

  1. Is there a pattern to the names besides the number of effects or are they/will they be random?

    : don’t know how viable this is to do, but it would be cool if you saw like Tra-Dis you knew you’d get agility and lose magic

    • The syllables of the names are in fact directly based on the modifiers given. :) The same syllable always means the same modifier is present. :D So yeah, you will be able to learn what syllables mean if you’re paying attention.