Tooltips :D

Getting a bit closer… but still a ways to go.

(As a reminder: Adding a large number of boons, banes, conditions, etc. is almost the last step in the process, so you can expect pretty much all previews to involve the same very basic, very small set.)

Brand1 Brand2 Brand3 Brand4 Brand5 Brand6

4 responses to “Tooltips :D

    • Thank you :D It’ll be some time yet before the Brand build’s ready, but I hope they’re worth the wait in the end. :)

  1. Must say they look kinda plain :P

    Was expecting them to be bordering more on passives (like that one with 5 effects i guess)

    Still, they don’t look so bad

    • :D This is what I was referring to when I’ve said the current list of modifiers is pretty minimal. I won’t be implementing most of the other modifiers until all the system-level work is done, so any screenshots/previews before that will always be of the modifiers you see above. :)

      It’d be exciting to show off more variety earlier, but I’m not 100% convinced I’m implementing modifiers properly yet so I’m holding off on that to avoid the risk of wasted work.