Nearly 700 of these now

Almost ready to start showing some of the status effects in action! Apologies for the delays on that, work continues to be pretty busy but I am making progress, if slow progress.

I finally got to the part of the process where I re-generate the ability icon texture atlas. :D My texture atlaser reported there were just under 700 icons in the atlas now. :D Pretty crazy! It’s been a long wait, and there’s still a ways to go, but I’m pretty excited to get these out to everyone ASAP.


5 responses to “Nearly 700 of these now

  1. Not sure what is more impressive: the amount of abilities or me recognizing most of them on sight. That tormentor/oppressor red colored looking one though… Don’t think I’ve seen it in the game or in the preview of new matter abilities.

    • I think that’s First Blood… which, now that you mention it, may not actually currently be in the game. Mordecai used to have it, but I think he lost it at some point and it never got put back anywhere else. It isn’t that good anyway. :P (Briefly self-buffs ACC and EVD if you’re undamaged and do physical damage to an undamaged target.)

  2. Forgive me for being a sadist, but that’s probably my favorite thing to hear from a roguelike developer, or a developer of video games in general. Keep up the good work!

      • Thank you :D Sorry things’ve gotten so slow since the new job: the only thing harder than making one awesome game is trying to make two awesome games at the same time. :D