Next up: Matter Ailments

Small update: I’ve started work on implementing Matter’s new ailments: Held, Held+, Held++, Blind, Melting, Harden, and Stone. :D Once I have something ready to show (hopefully soon!) screenshots and gameplay details will begin to follow. :D

2 responses to “Next up: Matter Ailments

  1. It seems like Blind would be more like Light’s thing… But Light is already full of extremely powerful stuff, so I guess it’s fine. :)

    • Blind was actually a tough one to place!

      Light could definitely fit.. but while you can certainly be blinded by light, you can also be blinded by lots of other things (darkness, something covering your eyes, etc.)

      Body was also a contender for it… but being immune to Body (by definition, your internal biological workings, whatever those are) shouldn’t protect you from things covering your eyes either.

      Matter ended up getting the nod: it’s not entirely perfect either probably, but at least seems to fit the big scenarios for how you could end up blinded.