New Build Up: Consumables and AI Swapping

Link to the 6/12 builds:

Major changes:

  • The AI is now capable of using the “swap” manuever and uses it quite often.
  • Generally speaking, level, stats, ability set, and current condition of the two entities involved determine whether the AI will swap.
  • In regards to abilities: direct combat abilities (melee attacks, ranged attacks, etc.) make an AI more likely to swap.
  • A large number of new consumables have been added to the game as well, with a corresponding increase in item spawning of 50%.
  • Demons that require you to discard all allies of certain ‘types’ now force you to do it manually before allowing you to speak to them: this way you can spend training points and what not as you please. Use Shift+D to discard allies (this list shows the ‘types’ of demons as well, for easy comparison to the types your potential ally objects to.) A demon’s types can also be viewed on page 3 of its character sheet (use <- and -> to change pages when viewing a character sheet.)
  • Demons that ask you to feed them allies of your choice now allow you to use that ally’s training points before completing the sacrifice. Isn’t that polite of them?

Other changes/fixes:

  • Kill Order (‘c’ key) is now a free action: it does not take a turn to use.
  • The AI is somewhat better about not getting “stuck” around corners during combat.
  • Poison Breath has been nerfed a bit.
  • Fire Breath has been nerfed a bit.
  • Lucky Dodge has been taken outside and beaten soundly with a nerf bat… and may yet be too powerful. :P

Apparently it’s good to post some screenshots when you do new builds, so here’s a couple. :)


The full list of available consumables. What do these things all do? :D


The new discard demon interface (shift+d to access.)

Have fun, and please lemme know if you run into any problems. :) Thanks!

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