Progress Update

Hey folks :D

Holiday’s over so I’m back at it. :) Currently, I’m working on the new abilities that all the demons I’ve been previewing will use. Additionally, when I make new abilities, if appropriate, I also make other Tier versions of them (i.e.: if I need Flame Dart, a Tier 1 Fire attack, for a new demon, I’ll probably also make Flame Arrow and Flame Blast, the Tier 2 and Tier 3 versions) or “adjacent” abilities (i.e.: If I make Iron Will, a Passive that reduces debuff status effect durations, for a new demon, I’ll probably also make Iron passives for other status effect types.)

All of that means two things: there will be a decent number of new abilities coming in this build, and not all of them will be directly on the new demons, or even necessarily end-game only: some will also be added to modifier lists and the like where they can show up earlier in the Tower. :)

Once I get further along with these, I’ll begin showing specific Demon previews that showcase some of the new abilities. :D Until then, good luck in the Tower. :)

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