More New Demons

I’ll be out of the picture for a bit due to the holidays coming up here soon, but before that, let’s have a look at some more new demons. :D The first three feature Geminimax’s sprites, the remaining four are using my versions. (As before, this is done to bring you the previews more quickly, since we don’t do the sprites in the same order.)

Ibong Adarna Ibong Adarna: A legendary bird spoken of in stories from the Philippines. It possesses a wide variety of magical powers: humans often seek it out for its healing abilities, but it will defend itself with lullabies and even the ability to petrify those who pursue it.

Succubus Succubus: Demons that take the form of beautiful mortal women in order to seduce and drain the life from humans. They possess some of the most powerful Charm magic known within the Tower, but that is far from the limit of the threat they pose Summoners in the Tower’s new floors.

Wechuge Wechuge: Tales from the Athabaskan of Canada speak of the this horror, a human possessed by one of the Great Animal Spirits. Humans become vulnerable to this sort of possession if they become obsessed with the pursuit of power. Once possessed, the victim does indeed gain great strength and even some control over Ice magic, but from that moment on they are mindless killers and consumers of men, always hungry for their next meal.

Nuckelavee Nuckelavee: A demon of Scotland, appearing as a horse with a humanoid chest, head, and (unusually) long arms in addition to its equine attributes. Such as appearance would already mark it an oddity, but in addition to this, it possesses no skin: its muscle and sinew are its outermost covering. It is said that the horse head can breathe some sort of miasma that is harmful to the living.

Caladrius Caladrius: Perhaps the most humble-looking of the Tower’s upper floor occupants, this Roman bird is noted for its ability to heal humans by taking on their ills and dispersing them elsewhere.

Hecate Hecate: A three-headed sorceress-goddess of Greek legend. Her domains, besides magic, included protection, prosperity, biology, and the spirit realm. Her power was such that even other gods called upon her for aid in matters that fell under her purview. Dogs were sacred to her: they would howl to herald her coming, they were often sacrificed to her, and she had a dog as familiar as well.

Kayna Kayna: An unusually pale mortal woman. She bears an enchanted (cursed?) axe that can absorb the power of demons it slays. It is probably easy to guess what her interest in the Tower is, and her presence on some of its highest floors suggests her axe has been eating well. In addition to the axe and its power, Kayna herself is possessed of remarkable speed, not seeming to be slowed in the least by the weapon’s weight.

As mentioned above, it will probably be a bit longer than normal until the next update due to the holidays, but not too much so. :D Happy Holidays, and if you choose to spend some of your time in the Tower, good luck!

4 responses to “More New Demons

  1. Wait, am I being dumb, or are succubi already a thing in the Tower?

    Thanks for the update and Happy Holidays!

  2. Fantastic. The lore is just as interesting as the sprite work and possible skillsets. Looking forward to release, but hope you take some time off during the holidays!

    • Thank you :D I’m glad you find them interesting. :) Don’t worry, I am taking a short break for the holidays (though break just means less Demon work, not zero :P )