Small Website Changes

While I finish up the last bits of the new build (including figuring out how to get past T:3 in my own game now that I’ve gone and made it harder…), figured it was a good time to note two small website changes:

1) The forum has temporarily been disabled. Truth is, there just aren’t enough people who would use it yet to justify the constant war against spam accounts I was fighting while it remained open. :P Still, it’s all set up for later, I literally just have to turn it on once the comment threads on here start getting crowded or some other sign that it would actually be used happens. :D

2) Links to the most recent builds can now (and forever always) be found at the top of the little side bar to right, above the Twitter button, which should make them easier to find and grab. :)

Thanks to Jason once again for helping me out with various website-related matters. :D I’ll have a “real” update on how the build is going (including some screenshots) in a few days, hopefully to be shortly followed by the build release itself! :) Stay tuned!

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