4/17: A Tower Reborn

Surprise. :D Instead of just posting more information about the build as promised, I decided to push a little bit and actually post the build itself!

Build links are now on the right-hand side of the webpage now, but just for consistency’s sake, here’s a link in the post too: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-sx_4eW-B5hWnhNZlRPclZLeUU&usp=drive_web

I feel like all I’ve done for forever is talk about what’s coming in this build, but I suppose I need to do so one more time for a summary. :D Here’s the highlights!

* 19 new demons, including 4 new starter demons!
* 50 new abilities, and significant changes to several existing abilities as well.
* Fairly extensive rebalancing of the game, with an eye to making it as challenging as humans can stand. So long as every death can be traced back to a reasonable mistake (which to me is a requirement for a roguelike to be fair), I will be happy with even very, very, very low win rates.
* New mechanics including cantrips (free action spells that share a cooldown with each other), staggering (delay the target’s next turn, doesn’t fully Stun, so is available more widely), and link penalties which take effect on failed attempts to link with certain demons.
* Hex, a new Dark-element status condition that greatly reduces physical offense and defense, as a counterpart to Light-element’s Mute.
* Various AI & UI upgrades and bug fixes.

Also, here’s a small collection of screenshots showing the results of a rather brief run I had with an Ice/Dark summoner in the 4/17 build. Mean game is mean. :)

1 - wuBXK2i
Picking out a starting ally from among the now 12 options.

2 - csl9PNT
Almost dead on T:1. Demon is still Demon alright.

3 - R83dIfs
Dental hygiene lessons from a zombie? Only in a roguelike. :)

4 - SrNoBJ0
Well, Demon finally has rats… and they set you on fire. This shouldn’t be a surprise.

5 - zrcwWRV
Annnnddd… dead on T:2. Ouch. Shouldn’t I be better at my own game? :P

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