Sneak Peek At Some New Demons

Hey folks. :) Work on the next build is moving along, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at some of the new demons you’ll be running into soon on the Tower’s new highest floors. :D The first four of these are showing Geminimax’s version of the sprites, the second four are using mine. (We don’t do sprites in the same order, so splitting them this way lets me show you more total demons. :D )

Throne Throne: As previously announced, they’re finally almost here. Thrones are the seventh highest order of angels, and the first to have completely inhuman forms. They are said to be the very wheels of God’s chariot, and as such, have the appearance of winged, eyed rings of fire.

B.E.K.B.E.K.: Stands for “Black Eyed Kid”, these are the cryptid for the new floors of the tower, so you won’t encounter them often. They appear as scruffy pale children with solid black eyes. When they are encountered by humans, they ask to be invited into houses or cars. Nobody knows what horrible thing would happen if someone were to agree to this, for there are no reports from anyone foolish enough to do so…

GolemGolem: A classic monster known to many; the secret of creating these powerful guardians is closely kept in certain religious texts. Don’t expect physical attacks to get you very far against these.

DominionDominion: Members of the sixth highest order of angels whose chief duty is to oversee the activities of the orders below them. Much of the danger presented by Thrones will likely come from the support they will receive from Dominions.

Blue ManBlue Man: Not to be confused with a certain group of mortal bards, Blue Men are water demons that live in a very specific area of Scotland. They seem similar to merman at first blush, but in addition to some fish-like features, their bodies at times flow like water. When a boat passes through their territory, they challenge the captain to complete a poem they shout the first part of. If the captain fails this test, they use their ability to conjure and control storms to wreck the ship.

LampadLampad: A nymph of the underworld, most often found escorting the sorceress-goddess Hecate on her nightly walks. They light her path with their unusual torches.

YithianYithian: A race of beings whose normal interaction with humans is to possess their minds and bodies using an odd form of time travel. For reasons unknown, they appear in the flesh within the upper reaches of the Tower and behave aggressively towards Summoners. Is it possible they learned something about Relics in their “travels” that explains this behavior from a race more noted for curiosity than hostility?

ArbergArberg: A Summoner chosen by the Horns of the Hunt. Somewhat counter to what that might lead you to expect, he aids his demon allies with healing and other support magic rather than fighting directly himself. He knows he is close to the Tower’s apex, and like Valindra before him, is trying to make sure nobody else follows behind him.

2 responses to “Sneak Peek At Some New Demons

  1. Oh man, all of them look very interesting.
    Really curious about B.E.K and Yithian. I wonder if B.E.K’s abilities will only reflect their mysterious/scary part (something like fearsome aura or debuffs) or if you will actually give them something devastating to show their murderous intent. Yithians iirc are a race of aliens from Lovecraft’s universe who were at war with the old ones, probably will have some mind controlling abilities, they were able to possess humans after all.
    Dominions huh, like having Virtues as high level healers/supporters wasn’t good enough. Something tells me that they will have Empower ability. Or even Gaudium.
    I wonder if Golems will be first demons with any form of physical immunity. Probably not though, full physical resistance and a bunch of block passives sounds more realistic.
    Blue Men perhaps the most obvious ones in term of skillset. Hailstorms, lightning strikes.
    Not so sure about Lampad’s skills. The only thing I remember about them is that light of their torches can drive people insane, so panic abilities? Perhaps combined with dark abilities because they come from the underworld?
    And Arberg (at least this version of his sprite) actually looks like a druid, so it isn’t surprising that his build is based around healing and support.
    Can’t wait for the release now!

    • Glad you like what’s been shown so far. :D

      Still a fair bit of work to do, but the build is coming along. :) Demon research is done, sprite work is in progress. Still to come after that will be the new abilities and a few bug fixes/UI upgrades that have made the list since last build.