Some Combat Mechanics Details

I posted a hopefully easy to follow explanation of the nitty-gritty of Demon’s combat mechanics over on the forums:

I also wanted to answer questions that have come up about turn delay effects:

Feel free to ask in comments here or (even better!) on the forum if you have any questions about either mechanic, or anything else. :D

2 responses to “Some Combat Mechanics Details

  1. How does cunning influence on the chance of negative effects affecting enemies? I feel the stat system could be better explained, so the player can better compare his choices pertaining stat distribution

    • For negative effects, the attacker’s Cunning and Level oppose the target’s Vitality.

      You compute two ratios first:

      Attacker Cunning / Attacker Level+10
      Defender Vitality / Attacker Level+10 (yes, Attacker Level+10 here too)

      So, let’s say a Level 5 demon with 20 Cunning is trying to land a negative effect on a Level 3 demon with 10 Vitality. These ratios turn out to be:

      20 Cunning / 15 = 1.33
      10 Vitality / 15 = 0.67

      You take these ratios, and filter them through a chart that looks like this:

      Ratio -> %
      0 -> 75%
      1 -> 100%
      2 -> 125%
      3 -> 150%

      For 1.33, we get a value of 108%. For 0.67, we get a value of 92%.

      Finally, divide the first ratio’s result by the second. In this case, 108% / 92% = 117%. This is the percentage of the tooltip listed chance you have to land the negative effect on your target.

      Weakness, Resistance, and Immunity also apply: Weakness and Resistance give large bonuses/penalties to landing associated effects, and of course, Immunity prevents it outright. Heroes also have a large amount of bonus resistance to all negative effects.

      I’m trying to get better about explaining this stuff in game… but I’m not sure how I could effectively in a bite-sized fashion. Maybe it doesn’t need to be bite-sized and I should put these explanations in the back of the manual for any interested parties to read?