Speaking Of Which…

Small note about high scores here:

Demon has a concept of “scoring models”, tracked separately from version numbers. Scoring model is only incremented when significant changes have made that I feel potentially change gameplay balance enough where scores after those changes cannot reasonably be compared to scores before those changes.

During alpha (where we are now!), scoring model will probably change somewhat often, but as Demon gets further along, I expect it to happen less and less often.

That said, the relic system is a pretty significant change with potential balance implications, and when the new build releases, I will be incrementing the scoring model. Older versions of Demon will remain able to view (and even contribute to) the old scoring model, and I may also add a feature later to view scores recorded under older models in game, but I don’t want to hold up this build for something like that. :P

2 responses to “Speaking Of Which…

  1. I’m very excited for the relic update! I do have a small suggestion for a future release though: would it be possible to make the graphics modable? I am a pixel artist and would love to play with the tileset a bit, maybe even make an alternate tileset.

    • I’m sure it’s possible. :) Not sure what would be involved though, importing graphics files post-build isn’t something I’ve looked into before.

      That said, would you mind e-mailing me at hpiland cinnamonroll gmail dot computer minus puter? :) Depending on what you have in mind, there might be another way to work this out besides coding up alternate tileset support.